Ancient Arts Folk School
Primitive & Traditional/Simple Living Skills - Workshops & Apprenticeships
P.O. Box 1 Lincoln, Michigan 48742
phone: (989) 464-1918 e-mail:

Welcome to the Ancient Arts Folk School.

We specialize in the preservation of primitive skills and ancient folk art crafts through workshops and apprenticeships offered throughout the year.

We offer classes in:

Simple Living
Native American Lore
Herb Foraging
Herb Storage, Preparation & Use (including tinctures)
Homestead Crafts
Milking (sheep, goats, mares - season permitting)
Cheese & Yogurt Making
Soap Making
Fiber Craft
Candle Making
Basket Making
Animal Processing
Survival Skills
Wilderness Weekends

And More!!

Workshops are help throughout Spring, Summer & Autumn months. Class sizes are small and very interesting!



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