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SUOMI Soap Cutters
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The Finest Non-electric Soap Cutter on the Market!
SOUMI Soap Cutter, as shown below, comes with 2 - 55 pound capicity molds, only $3,250.00
(plus shipping & handling)
See our quick-video cutter demonstration below!
The SUOMI Soap Cutter is really 2 cutters in one!

Demonstration of the "Big Mac" Block cutter.

Demonstration of the "Little Mac" bar cutter.
SUOMI Soap Cutters are custom designed by Killmaster Soapworks for soap producers who want volume production potential combined with the product look of authentic hand cutting.

SUOMI Cutters feature an exclusive design (influenced by early European production cutters) and are carefully, individually created by skilled craftsmen. SUOMI soap cutters are manufactured entirely at Killmaster Soapworks workshop in the United States. All of the materials used to build our cutters are carefully selected and represent the highest international standards.
Each SUOMI cutter is an exceptionally fine piece of American craftsmanship!

Every SUOMI cutter is meticulously built by hand. Special focus is placed on careful attention to the detail of superb quality workmanship that exceeds today's high demands. This sets SUOMI soap cutters apart from ordinary merchandise. These are non-electric, hand operated, heavy weight work horses designed for precision, production and efficiency - built to last a lifetime, no plastic parts!
Made by special order only. Due to waiting list, availability varies.
Currently = 2 - 3 months for SUOMI "Big Mac".

Don't settle for less - look for the SUOMI logo that stands for unmatched quality & craftsmanship!

* SUOMI "Big Mac" comes complete with a custom heavy-duty soap mold built for the SUOMI cutter. The custom designed SUOMI cutter shown above features a 60 lb. (soap capacity) mold. Larger capacity cutters & molds available (100 pounds).

* SUOMI "Big Mac" is really 2 soap cutters in one with the SUOMI "Little Mac" built right onto the cutter table! Soap is accurately hand cut from block to strip to bar all conveniently on the same cutting table. Precision cutting with efficiency and ease!

Nothing compares to a SUOMI Soap Cutter!

SUOMI Design Specialist - Bill Makela

Certified Used SUOMI Soap Cutters
Occasionally we have Certified Used SUOMI Soap Cutters for sale. These are trade-in models. Each Certified Used SUOMI Soap Cutter is manufacturer certified to be in top running condition - having been newly painted, rewired and receiving a complete "tune-up" by Killmaster Soapworks professional staff. These cutters also receive a limited lifetime warranty for parts and include their 2 original refurbished custom molds.
You can save big $$ buying a Certified Used SUOMI Soap Cutter!
Prices start at $1,450.00!

Contact The Soap Shoppe for more details!

The Soap Shoppe

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