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A perfect gift for the bridal party! Custom labels including the Bride & Groom's names and wedding date available! Bridal soaps are available at wholesale discounts determined by the size of your order. Contact us for more information about our speciality custom label soaps for your special day! Please e-mail the Killmaster Soaps Bridal Soap Dept for more information

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The wholesale policy of Killmaster Soapworks is friendly and easy. We work hard in every way we can to ensure an excellent working relationship between you (the retailer) and us while assuring absolute consumer satisfaction. Please e-mail the Killmaster Soaps Wholesale Dept for more information and be sure to include your business name and tax ID # with your request. We look forward to working with you!

If you have a speciality business, consider private label for your soaps. We make the soap, you provide your special label! Scroll down for more information about private label.

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Would you like to sell natural soap under your own label? We at Killmaster Soapworks make your job easier by creating beautiful soaps that you will be proud to sell!

Our experience as soapmakers spans over 2 decades and results in the production of high quality soap that is unique in the soap market for being created with natural moisturizing milk produced right here at our eco-friendly farm. Killmaster Soapworks is famous for Milk-Based Soaps designed by Casey Makela. Our milk-based and herbal soaps are made with a blend of coconut, palm and olive oils plus creamy 100% natural milk that is additive and hormone free. Each bar is full of naturally occuring glycerine that soothes the skin in a way no commercial soap can begin to compare to!

We'll be glad to help you select your soaps and offer our experience with labeling and packaging. Weather you are creating your own labels or would like our staff to assist you with label design, we look forward to working with you! Please e-mail the Killmaster Soaps Private Label Dept for more information.

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As enthusiastic Soap makers, we gladly put our vast experience to work for you by helping to create custom soap that reflects your creative spirit.

We work closely with your ideas for texture, color and fragrance to produce a special soap that is uniquely you. Soapmaking requires careful and exacting consideration for content and procedure, our speciality, while joyfully allowing opportunity for self-expression and that is where you come in!

There is a wide variety of natural ingredients available as well as a fragrant feast of natural essences and fragrance oils that can be carefully combined into specialty soap.
Please e-mail the Killmaster Soaps Custom Soaps Dept for more information.

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