Killmaster Soapworks
Superior soaps produced in the Great Lakes State of Michigan, in the "Sudsiest Ghost Town in the U.S."!
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Your source for the original "Milk-Based Soaps"

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Killmaster Soapworks is located in north east Michigan near the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. Our actual location can be challenging to find because we are in the Ghost Town of Killmaster. When Killmaster died as a town in the late 1800's, Harrisville picked up the postal route and thus our address is technically Harrisville though we are actually 12 miles west of there! We consider it part of our Ghost Town charm to have a Harrisville address and Lincoln telephone exchange - actually, Killmaster did not even have access to private-line telephone service until the 1990's!

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Shipping Address & Production Site
Killmaster Soapworks
1628 Mill Rd.
Harrisville, Michigan 48740

Business Address
Killmaster Soapworks
P.O. Box 1
Greenbush, Michigan 48738