Killmaster Soapworks
Superior soaps produced in the Great Lakes State of Michigan, in the "Sudsiest Ghost Town in the U.S."!
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Your source for the original "Milk-Based Soaps"

Facility Tours

Have you ever wondered how soap is made?

It is with pleasure that we welcome visitors to our unique Soap Studio and Factory each year. We offer both individual and group tours.

Tours are arranged by appointment. Contact
Casey Makela to schedule your group or call

Adults: $5.00
Children: $3.00
Group Rates Available!

Soapmakers & Natural Living Enthuastists sign up for an apprenticeship day at Killmaster Soapworks! This is a fantastic opportunity to spend a day with the Killmaster Soapworks staff and glean important insights from their experience.

Unable to visit? Take advantage of personal phone consultations with Casey Makela!