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Celtic Creation SOAPS
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Killmaster Soapworks Celtic Creation Soaps are $4.00 per bar. Each bar weighs approximately 3.5 oz.
Variability is do to the nature of handcraft and natural curing. Approximately 2 oz. of milk per bar.
Each bar is wrapped with distinctive label created with 100% recycled paper.

The minimum Internet order is 4 bars - any variety or type $16 (plus 6.90 S&H)

Pay over the internet with secure PayPal
Make your payment using the link below and then e-mail us your selection.
Once your payment is confirmed, we ship your order within 48 hours!

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Printable Order Form for Mail Orders

E-Mail your selections after you place your order here!
Killmaster Soapworks

Celtic Creation Soap Varieties
A perfect choice for Celtic enthusiasts!

A distinguished line of natural soaps that celebrate Celtic charm & serenity! These delightful soaps are made with pure, nourishing Atlantic Sea vegetables and the purest of moisturizing oils. No animal ingredients - 100% cruelty free.

Celtic Heather
A lovely soap that is as refreshing as it smells! Light, heather fragrance.

Woodland Kells
Flower petals & rich herbal essence delight the sences in this beautiful bar!
Emerald Isle
A beautiful, naturally green bar made with Aloe & healing herbs.

Celtic Breeze
Moisture rich made with pure sea vegetables, Aloe & sprite herbal essence.

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