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Killmaster Soapworks Great Lakes Soaps are $4.00 per bar. Each bar weighs approximately 3.5 oz. Variability is do to the nature of handcraft and natural curing. Approximately 2 oz. of milk per bar.
Each bar is wrapped with distinctive label created with 100% recycled paper.

The minimum Internet order is 4 bars - any variety or type. $16 (plus 6.90 S&H)

Pay over the internet with secure PayPal
Make your payment using the link below and then e-mail us your selection.
Once your payment is confirmed, we ship your order within 48 hours!

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Killmaster Soapworks

Great Lakes Soap Varieties
A perfect choice for Nautical enthusiasts!

We are proud to be the very first soap company in the world to celebrate the beauty and pride of America's Great Lakes with a complete line of soaps dedicated to their wonders.
Each bar features an interesting historical commentary making these soaps even more unique!
All "Light House" soaps feature our exclusive Light House label.

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All soaps made with milk!

Light House Oatmeal

Light House Honey Cream

Huron Horizon

Ontario Sunrise

Lake Side Legend

Mackinaw Fudge

Light House Lavender

Light House Apple Rose

Michigan Shores

Paul Bunyon

Erie Tide

Mackinac Breeze

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