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Company History

Killmaster Soapworks was born out of my need to create soaps that were kind to the skin as well as to the environment. When I established Killmaster Soapworks, it was part of a harmonious effort to combine many of our life's factors such as:

1. The personal needs of my family, friends and community. My children (7!) all have sensitive skin, as do I. We were in need of soap that was kind to the skin. I am also a midwife of over 20 years and many of my clients were searching for gentle body products that were kind to the earth.

2. The historical preservation of our area. Only the most senior of elders in surrounding communities remember "Killmaster" though it was once a good size, thriving town of people full of the American pioneer spirit! I just had to name my company in their memory to keep them "preserved" so to speak! So, in 1985, I renamed my natural soap company Killmaster Soapworks.

3. The need to more fully utilize our resources. For almost 20 years we have been breeders of especially rare Oberhasli dairy-goats . These beautiful goats are a source of rich, creamy milk in such large amounts that that we needed to find a use for the extra that would not require us cutting back the herd. We already produced organic cheeses & yogurt; milk-based soap was just the logical next step!

4. Earth cooperative, family enriching, sustainable lifestyle. Soap making enhances our family life in so many ways! It is a business that helps us sustain our desire to live close to the earth while giving our home schooled children an education both in social responsibility and ecological respect. I believe social responsibility begins at home with the example set before children to follow a personal rule of life that respects the planet and our communities.

5. Midwifery, Babies, Breast feeding & Birth. As a midwife, I staunchly support programs that promote the family especially those related to midwifery, natural birth & breast feeding. (In the early 1990's I founded the Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery to preserve the education of traditional community called midwives.) Killmaster Soapworks manufactures selected soaps that help support birth related interests and tithes a percentage of profits accordingly to specific organizations, both in the US and abroad, within our selected, mother/birth friendly initiatives program. Please look at our Universal Mother Program for Natural Soaps made for a really unique purpose!!

6. Education. In the mid 80's I founded the Ancient Arts Folk School and began teaching soap making and simple living skills. I really, wanted to share my craft with others - soap making is so much fun! My "Sassy Suds Soap Making Workshop" (which includes not only how to make soap but how to market it as well) is very popular and I travel all over the country teaching my precious craft to eager new students. My first soap making book Milk-Based Soaps was published in 1997 and 2 subsequent soap related titles have also resulted. Killmaster Soapworks has also sponsored and supported the establishment of several new, woman-owned natural soap companies & micro-businesses!

Making soap is an important part of the rich diversity of my life. Killmaster Soapworks is such a complement to the other facets of earth-friendly contributions I seek to make to our planet as an artist, naturalist, midwife, mother, musician, writer and fiber-arts spinner. I hope you enjoy our diverse lines of milk-based & herbal soaps as much as I enjoy producing them and from everyone here at Killmaster Soapworks Natural Soap Company, "Thank you" for your interest in our soaps!"

- Casey Makela

Founding Member of

American College of Traditional Midwives

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