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Interesting links

Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery
Traditional midwifery education, workshops, resources

Norfolk & Whey Natural Soap Company

Ancient Arts Folk School
Primitive/Simple Living Skills Workshops

Gently Borne Midwifery
"Support Mothers, Babies, Breast feeding & Birth!"
There is a really unique recipe for "Mothersmilk Soap" at Gently Borne!
Unassisted Birth.

Mother Time Belly Casting Studios
North Carolina                        Michigan

Do you like tiny toy dogs? Visit:
Mari-May Kennels
Shih-Tzu / Toy Poodles /Shih-poo's & Schnoodles are Canine Cuties!
Beautiful puppies available plus see excellent dog birth graphics!
This awesome Michigan site features natural whelping photography.
Please pass this birthing site on to homeschoolers for a science reference!